For Christians marriage is a sacrament, and a sacrament is a real and living sign of the presence of God. All seven sacraments are living signs of God’s presence with us:  in the sacrament of Baptism – God is present and welcomes the baptised into Life of the Trinity.  In Penance – God is present through His Son giving His forgiveness to the penitent.  In the Eucharist – the Son is present nourishing us and uniting us in an intimate way to the Divine Presence as Jesus is offered to the Father for us.  In the sacrament of marriage – Jesus is present uniting His love to the mutual love of couple.  Their love, is His Love.  The sacrament of marriage is not just a prayer during the marriage service, it is not just a blessing of a union, it is far more than this.  The sacrament of marriage establishes the Christian home with Christ at the centre.   We ask God’s blessing upon all who live and celebrate each day the blessings of this sacrament, and on those who are widowed as they continue to give thanks and witness to the wonder of the sacrament in their lives.  We ask God’s blessing on those who struggle in marriage; they need God’s grace and our love and support. We ask Hs blessing too on those who are single and give witness to the love of God in their lives.  For together, as a parish, we all give thanks for the blessings we receive and live each day.  May we all have the courage and strength to signs of God’s presence among us.


  …He made us, that together, we might love Him.