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Reflection on this Sunday's Mass Readings

The more we are involved in temporal things…

The problem has been around for centuries, and it still is with us.  Why do material things distract us from living as God wants us to?  Jesus was aware of this and shows us the problem in action. The young man in today’s Gospel reading is basically a good man, he wants to follow Jesus, yet the pull of his possessions is too strong. It’s all well and good being wise once the chance has passed but being wise is what we always need to be.  We should strive to look at things with more objective eyes – what I need rather than what I want, might be one way.  Faith asks us to see things with the eyes of God; appreciating the gifts He provides for us and so use them for building up His kingdom rather than our own.  People too He sends to us to direct and guide us into living wise lives and we still don’t always get the message.  We pray today for the gift of wisdom that we may see and use those things, and see in those people who are part of our lives, the means to live in and share with all those around us real wisdom –  the love God has for all people.

… the more we are insensitive to the spiritual. (St Gregory the Great. He died: 604)