Sometimes we imagine that our dreams – if only we could make them happen – will change our lives so much for the better.  We think like this because we are affected, albeit unconsciously, by the many destructive and unwanted influences that are at work around us.  All of us, to a greater or lesser extent, experience this.  Two such unwanted influences are jealousy and selfish ambition; both of which hinder us from living our real lives in the present.  We can defeat these influences because we are one with Jesus and He with us.  He was never jealous of John the Baptist, He never sought glory for Himself even though the people would have made Him their king.  Jesus wanted nothing more than to care for the least of His Father’s children to the extent that He identified with the poor, the sick, the marginalised.  We can be like Him, we too can live for others simply by being kind and compassionate, rather than wanting to live out our own fanciful and unrealistic dreams.  Jesus makes our daily lives far better than our dreams can ever do, because each day He reminds us that God loves us as we are, not as we think we are.

 … nor is the sun brighter on the other side!