Jeremiah was called to his ministry as a prophet in around 626 BC. At that time things had gone a bit array in that the religious leaders were failing the people in their role as shepherds and not keeping the community together. So, God speaks through Jeremiah with the message that He will gather together the remnant of His flock and raise up good shepherds to care for them and to guide them. Centuries later Jesus, The Good Shepherd, came and laid down His life for God’s people. He did so as an act of obedience to the Father, in an act of unconditional love He gathered together the scattered children of God. St Paul tells us that Jesus shepherds His people not only by His teachings but also by His destruction of the powers of darkness: sin and death. Jesus’ sacrificial action restores and reconciles humanity to the Father. Through Baptism we share in Jesus’ victory over death, darkness and sin and are given access to the Father. For us the Good Shepherd will always direct us back to the Father, since Jesus is the guardian and shepherd of our souls. (2Peter2:25).

… and home, rejoicing, brought me.