In this weekend’s second reading God’s basic requirements of us are laid before us.  We are to keep the commandments, we are to …believe in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, and we are to love one another. Jesus is telling us we are to be united, to be part of the vine, to be in communion with one another and with Him. All this just underlines what Jesus had shared with the Apostles at the Last Supper.  In receiving Jesus in Holy Communion, we are united through Him vertically to the Father and horizontally with one another.  We cannot be totally free until we are as one with Jesus and one another, and for this we need His grace.  As we grow in faith Jesus makes us one by constantly drawing us more closely to Himself.  Daily we are cared for by the Father, the Vinedresser; we are sustained by the Spirit, the Life-giver; we are fed by Jesus, we make our home in Him and He makes His in us.  This mutual abiding – He in us and we in Him – is the place from which we gain the necessary grace to strive to fulfil what God asks of us.  Let’s welcome our abiding guest.

…as I make mine in you!