Our Lenten journey is complete, it has reached its physical end, but now the most significant part of our journey begins.  Today we enter Holy Week through the triumphant arch of palms; acclaiming and praising our King.  Yet the joy is tinged with shame and pain.  It hurts to hear the blood thirsty crowd shouting: Crucify Him, crucify Him!  It is not what we want to hear, but sometimes our words and deeds continue to re-echo those shameful words.  In His extraordinary love for us God sent us His Son, and He took on our frail human nature to experience our condition and in so doing transfigured it into something new.  Even though He was without sin, He suffered as Isaiah said He would.  In response to His obedience God raised Jesus on high, as St Paul so beautifully hymns in the second reading.  So too, with faith, and hope and love in the power of the suffering and death of Jesus, we can be lifted-up, we too can be transfigured.  This most holy of weeks is The time for us approach Jesus with humility and seek His mercy.  Save us, Saviour of the world, for You alone can set us free.

…Hosanna in the highest!