Many people pushed against Jesus seeking His healing.  He knew that sickness was not part of His Father’s plan.  Jesus shows all who are sick His compassion.  As He healed them and took their pain away, so He heals us and takes away our pain too, but we must bring it to Him.  All who call out to the Lord in faith will be healed.  Some are healed physically, others emotionally and others are healed by being able to embrace their condition and live with.  We can all receive Christ’s healing.  We, who carry Christ within us, also carry within us the One who heals us.  If we believe in Him, if we trust in Him, then we refuse to join Job’s cry of despair.  We can acknowledge that Christ is present when we need Him the most, healing both our internal and external turmoil.  We must remember that we are not alone, Jesus is always with us.  He is with us protecting us from the doubts and despair that plagued poor old Job.  He is with us giving us the courage to walk with Him over the threshold of pain and suffering enabling us to walk into a renewed way of life.

             …Lay Your hands, gently lay Your hands.