Mary was given a choice and the world awaited her answer.   She could have refused to allow God’s plan to work through her or she could have agreed grudgingly to His plan. Mary, however, was open to the Word of God and so she allowed His Word to enter her and transform her from being a simple young woman into becoming the Mother of the God.  She was open to God’s Word, and His Word used her to transform the world.  Today God’s Word is being whispered into our ears, calling us to continue the transformation of the world.  He calls us to make the Saviour real to those who do not know Him, to those who long for His presence in their lives.  Will we reject the Word and force Him to look for another’s ear?   Or, will we stand erect and welcome the Lord, and offer ourselves totally to Him?   The Word of God whispered into Mary’s ear, she listened, and she responded, and she conceived.  He is shouting into our ears and how we want to continue transforming the world with His living Presence, how we want to bring His Word to birth today in our world: and so we pray – Come, Lord Jesus – do not delay!

…according to Your Word!