Why is the host so upset over this man’s clothes? After all, he’s a traveller, why would he have brought a fine wedding garment with him? However, that question misses the point. The parable isn’t about wearing clothes but about wearing Jesus Christ. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, St Paul tells us so many times. The one without the proper clothes is the Christian in name only; the one who refuses to put on Jesus Christ throughout his or her life. This is the person who accepts the invitation of the Lord but refuses to exercise any responsibility in the Christian community, the one who chooses not to give witness to Jesus in his or her life. We are invited to share the intimacy of the Banquet of Heaven. We are invited into God’s presence. God doesn’t ask a lot from us to be with Him; but He does expect us to wear our Christianity confidently. The way we respond to His love must be evident to the world. People should know that we are Christians by the way we live our lives. Today we pray for the determination, for the perseverance and for the courage to be active in our Christian faith.

… and they’ll know we are Christians by our love!