When the farmer saw weeds growing among his wheat, he could have pulled them up to protect the wheat, but as Jesus points out, that would also mean pulling out the wheat itself. Today, Jesus calls us to be patient.  The patience to wait for the right moment to speak or act is not always easy. Waiting for God to answer our prayers can be equally frustrating.  We expect ourselves and others to act quickly in making decisions yet an obvious lesson from farming is that everything takes time to grow (except the weeds, some might say!)  The same is true for our spiritual lives.  We might have experienced some moment of conversion and we look at our lives and realise how much we must change.  That realisation can become overwhelming and leads us to think that it is impossible to make such changes in our lives.  When things do not happen right away, we can become frustrated and discouraged. God, however, is ever-patient with us, and we would do well to listen to Jesus’ call and learn to cultivate the virtue of patience.  With patience we can walk the road of conversion, and grow into a more fruitful and  more spiritual way of life.

…and here and hereafter His kingdom shall grow!