My dear friends, I hope and pray that you and all your family are well. I am well. We are restricted here as I imagine you are in England. I celebrate Mass with the sisters every day and you are daily in my thoughts and prayers. I miss you and the parishes.

It has been the strangest of times and an Easter like no other we have ever experienced. All the celebrations and joyful rituals that surround our celebrations of this feast have been denied us. At the same time we have lived with the worry and concern for loved ones. Some among us have experienced the sadness of loss of members  of family or friends. We have all been severely restricted in our lives.

This whole situation prompts questions of the deepest kind about God, our world, our society, our way of life. This will take time to reflect upon and pray about.

When Easter is stripped down to its barest of essentials we are left with our faith in the message of the earliest witnesses. These were a small group of courageous women who simply would not ‘go away’ and abandon Jesus, even through His condemnation, death and to the grave. As a result, they saw the empty tomb; they saw the risen Lord. This is what has been passed on to us. I know and believe that the Lord is risen from the dead. I know and believe that I can share in His new, everlasting life. This is Easter and we give thanks and rejoice in it.

Many questions and concerns remain with us. In time we will need to reflect on them. In this challenging and strange time we hold onto our Faith, in common with many millions around the world and many friends close to home: The Lord Jesus is risen from the dead! He brings joy and new life to all who wish to receive them.

With my prayers and sincerest affection.

Fr Luiz