It must have been quite a sight as the Magi arrived in Israel. These were powerful foreigners, worthy of an audience with Herod. He was troubled by their visit: who were they and what did they want? They wanted to pay homage to the new-born King of the Jews. Was there a baby who would replace Herod? His advisers told Herod of the prophecy that a ruler would come from Bethlehem. If these three could create such a stir in Jerusalem, imagine what it was like when they arrived in Bethlehem! There these rich Gentiles prostrated themselves before the child and gave Him gifts. Why would rich pagans be interested in the Jewish Messiah? That the gentiles could be part of God’s plan for His people was beyond the consideration of the Jews. But the mystery, hidden for generations was now revealed: the gentiles were to be co-heirs with them, co-partners in the promise of Jesus Christ, as St Paul tells us. Jesus Christ came for all; none were to be excluded from the Grace of God that He brings. Today we ask the Lord to free us from our prejudices, and allow us to be truly Catholic, truly people of a universal Church.

… to the Gentile world displayed!