The Lord is truly risen, alleluia! Today is a day of Easter joy. While we celebrate this wonderful feast we are very aware that for many people every day is still like Good Friday. Daily we see evidence of the poverty, injustice and violence of our world. Our Easter celebration is an affirmation of hope to a world that experiences the pain of Good Friday more than the joy of Easter Sunday. We are invited to celebrate Easter in hope and with great joy because Jesus, the Risen Lord, walks with all of us. He knows us and He knows our experiences; with affection He calls each of us by name. Through our Easter sharing in His gift of new life and liberating love, we recognise and treat one another with justice in the new light of Easter life and hope. Easter means we can offer a little bit of Heaven to each other; in it we have an encouraging source of hope and joy, even in a Good-Friday world! Today we thank God and proclaim together: That Christ is truly risen from the dead we know! Victorious King, Your mercy show! Amen. Alleluia. (from the Easter Sequence.)

… Lovingly He greets us, scatters fear and gloom!