One of the powerful qualities that shines out in Jesus’ life was that of generous and loving service.  We see it in the way He speaks and cares for people and in the steadfast way He does His Father’s will.  These examples all inspire and challenge us to ask ourselves how we treat one another.  Perhaps the generosity of Jesus is seen most clearly in the way He goes to the Cross to lay down His life to free us from slavery to sin.  He never orders us into service, rather He shows us, and then invites us to do as He did.  He does this so that we learn to serve Him in serving others.  Both St James and St John appear to get hold of the wrong end of the stick; it seems they wanted power and authority.  That wasn’t what Jesus was calling them to; no, He was calling them, inviting them, to a life of sacrifice and service.  We can make that same mistake.  It’s only in making a genuine sacrifice for others that Jesus gives us the authority to call ourselves Christian.  In the Kingdom of God authority comes only through service, never through power.

…let me be as Christ to you!