The prophet Isaiah’s four songs of the Suffering Servant take us directly to Jesus. These songs are read particularly during Holy Week and speak of what would become that reality on Good Friday. Today’s passage is from the Third Song, it is difficult to hear, it is hard to see how anyone could beat and spit upon the Suffering Servant. Yet, even in such dreadful conditions, He makes no changes to what He is saying or doing. He is set on doing God’s will; set on fulfilling His mission. He knows that if He is faithful to God, God will be faithful to Him. Why should He worry what others think or say about Him? In attacking Him, ultimately God is being attacked. To be a Christian is more than just being a member of the Church, or keeping various rules and regulations. Jesus tells us it may mean being mocked because we take our faith seriously. It takes courage to live Jesus’ words: If anyone wants to be a follower of mine let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me. If we follow Him, He will be with us, supporting us, caring for us, and winning the final battle over evil for us.

… deny yourself, the world forsake, and humbly follow me.