When all seemed too much for them the Apostles saw that trusting and believing in Jesus brings calm and peace.  We can find ourselves in what may appear to be hopeless situations; we can find ourselves with hard decisions to make or difficult news to deal with.  Such moments form our stormy seas; things that may overwhelm us.  In such times we need to know the power of Jesus who, though He may seem to be asleep, is ever in control.  While it may be easier to escape or hide from the storm ahead, we must try, like the Apostles, to put our faith and trust in Jesus.  He stands up, takes control and graces us with the calm and peace we need to move on to face what lies ahead.  Such storms can be a real test of faith, but facing them with Jesus’ help brings rewards, bring us grace and strength.  Love, faith, and trust help us endure suffering while growing in union with God and one another.  This weekend’s readings inspire us to know that God will guide us through the stormy waters of life.  All we need is an increase of faith and grace, and the means to achieving that are freely available to us in Christ.

…Even the wind and the sea obey Him!