The Kingdom of God builds as we all respond to the Gospel’s call.  Each generation expresses the faith and passes on the Good News that God never abandons His people, no matter how fallen or wounded they may be.  Jesus came to do His Father’s will; He came to unite and heal broken, vulnerable people.   The Kingdom of God is achieved when all people freely accept the wonderful gift that is Jesus. It is reached when they can acknowledge that He took on our human nature to make, of us, one family with God as Our Father.  We confess this each time we pray the Lord’s Prayer and as we declare our willingness to accept and live in God’s kingdom. Things do not always turn out as we would like them to and we can become discouraged, losing hope.  Jesus reminds us that the coming and growth of the Kingdom is not our work but is the result of our cooperation in the work of the Father’s love.  Our mission – in striving to establish His Kingdom – calls us to pray that it will come… on earth as it is in Heaven and to prepare for it in the circumstances of our daily lives with love and openness.

…now and for ever!