The Good Shepherd lays down His life for His sheep – that means, for each of us.  Why?  Because He knows and loves us, warts and all.  Left alone, we are unable to fight off the various and many attacks and temptations that can turn us away from God’s love.  So from His immeasurable love, He sent His Son to show us the strength of that love and the depth of His compassion that we might accept it.  Since He is a Good Shepherd, even those considered lost are His, and He looks out for them.  By His death – a loving and obedient response to His Father – which He accepted in order to pay off the debt of all our sins; He died that we might be forgiven, healed and restored.  In response to His generous forgiveness, healing and restoration we accept our commission to be Good Shepherds today.   We are called to look to those who have strayed and bring them to know the bountiful love, mercy and compassion of our God.  The fruits of this commission will let us all, as one body with one voice, sing together the praises of our Good Shepherd within His house for ever.


within Thy house forever!