Two – of the many wonderful gifts we all rejoice in – are life and freedom.  How easy it is to overlook them; present circumstances teach us that! What greater day is there for us to give thanks for them!  Today is the feast of life, the feast of Christ’s victory over death.  It is even more than that; Jesus not only vanquishes death but also darkness and sin!  Negative things always limit our freedom and prevent us from enjoying life in its fullness – today they are truly beaten!  By living and dying in Christ we know we will rise with Him on the last day.  While we have to wait until the end of time to enjoy the fullness of His victory; we can begin to share in it now as we celebrate His liberating love.   As we proclaim His victory, our faith is renewed and we gain the courage to stand up to a world that seeks to destroy the wonderful gifts of life and freedom.  Let us celebrate the great news of Christ’s Easter victory and tell it to world with joy and confidence; He is our life and our guide to freedom.  He is risen!  Let us, rejoice and sing ‘Alleluia!’

…alleluia, Let the whole wide world rejoice, alleluia, alleluia!