Jeremiah speaks of how God will write His New Covenant in the hearts of His people and how He will forgive and forget their sins.  The hour for the New Covenant’s fulfilment is fast approaching.  As our Lenten journey reaches its goal and our focus is moving more and more towards the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. We are beginning to see the inevitable lifting of Jesus onto altar of the cross.  His action of sacrifice is the sealing of the New Covenant: He will draw all peoples to Himself.  Let us find some time in these coming days to ask ourselves: how faithful have we been to our part in this New Covenant?  …how faithful have I been to God? …to my daily prayers? …to loving, serving and forgiving my family and my brothers and sisters?  Let us approach the Cross – the throne of grace and mercy – asking the Lord to write anew His Law in our hearts that we be more faithful to Him and to living out the New and eternal Covenant of love.

 …for by Your Cross and Resurrection You have set us free!