Today the Church offers us two distinct mountains for our consideration on our Lenten spiritual journey: firstly, Mount Moriah and secondly, Mount Tabor.  On the first we meet Abraham, our father in faith, offering his son in sacrifice and on the second we are witnesses to God revealing the radiant glory of Jesus.  Abraham is an image of the infinite love God has for His people – for us.  He will even offer His only Son in sacrifice for us!  On Mount Tabor, in the Transfiguration of Jesus, we see God opening the door to us on what will one day be ours – the happiness of Paradise.  Both these scenes directs us to a more familiar mountainside, that of Calvary.  It was there that the New Covenant was sealed forever in the death of Jesus.  On our journey of faith we can’t always see what God has in store for us but we can always listen to Him.  Abraham’s faith and Jesus’ obedience to the Father show us that we too can be transfigured; all that is needed is to learn how to truly love!

…Shining on the face of Jesus.