Lepers were rejected by their families and neighbours; they were forced to live outside the villages and towns.  They had to wear ragged clothes and let their hair go uncombed and uncut.  Anyone who came into contact with a leper was considered to be equally unclean as a leper.  These were the conditions in which Jesus was moved with pity. He stretched out His hand, touched the leper and cured him.  Jesus did not see an unclean leper, or his disease, He wasn’t concerned with the harsh rules of society.  Jesus saw a human soul in need.  Today, as His disciples, we are to be instruments of His healing.  We are to feel compassion, not just for the physically or mentally sick, but for all those whose lives are hurting and are in need of healing in any way possible. It is not part of our faith to reject anyone, for any reason.  In a caring society, even those with the most contagious of  diseases are cared for in a way that gives them dignity and love.  Having compassion and showing mercy are the qualities of great minds and large hearts.  May we receive, make use of, and rejoice in, the God-given gifts we have all received.

             …in living situations to do the truth in love.