The crowd was astonished because Jesus spoke with authority, not like the scribes and Pharisees.  Human nature doesn’t change, people are no different today than they were in Jesus’ day.  People still need to hear the Word of God and feel the presence of God in the words of the speaker.  We can all do this. We have the authority to do this.  We can all give witness to the Word of God present in our lives, and we can choose to make the Word of God present for others too.  We can make Jesus’ presence real to and for others.  We have the authority to do this.   We all  need to learn how to live in such a way that when our earthly lives come to an end we can stand before the Lord saying that Lord, I tried hard to make Your presence known in the world.  We have the authority, the power, to form others, along with ourselves, into a truly Christian people. We have the authority, the power of Jesus Christ if only we stay united to Him. Today we pray that we may remain united to the Lord. He is the source of the power and the authority we have received in Baptism, let His inspiration move us to become better and more authentic witnesses for Him.

…have been given to me by my Father.