Each of today’s readings tells of an urgent call.  Firstly, Jonah tells the people of Nineveh that their sins have resulted in God’s anger: they should listen and repent.  Then, St Paul tells the Corinthians, that time is running out: they must embrace the Gospel message before their time runs out.  And in the Gospel, Jesus begins His preaching by proclaiming that the time of fulfilment is at hand.  Repent and believe the Gospel.  He then calls His first disciples, Simon and Andrew, James and John. There is an urgency in God’s call and that has a profound effect not just on the person called, but on others too. When Jesus called Simon and Andrew, James and John, and each of us, He didn’t call us to do something, He called us to be something – to be His disciples.  When we respond to His call to live the Gospel in all our actions, then our actions reflect our inner life, and that life is the life of Jesus Christ we have been called to embrace.   It is then we become who we are truly meant to be!

Faith is seen in the integrity of men and women who live who they are.