This Sunday is Gaudete Sunday, Rejoice Sunday, or according to our present translation, Be Happy Sunday!  St Paul says in the second reading, “Be happy at all times: pray constantly and for all things give thanks to God.”  Rejoice, this Sunday tells us.  This is a time of great expectations. We have every reason to be full of joy.  Rejoice, Christmas is almost here.  Rejoice, not so much that we have found Christ, but rejoice that He has found us.   Because of the strange situation we find ourselves in we may feel a little lost this Christmas, even find ourselves alone.  But we are not lost; He has found us.  We are not alone; He is with us.  With Jesus in our lives, the difficulties we face become challenges, but not devastating events.  A loved one becomes sick, or even dies.  We become sick and receive the diagnosis that our condition is terminal.  A marriage falls apart.  A job is lost.  A friend is lost.  Whatever the pain we feel, we know that the final result will be union with God.  Jesus is with us always, particularly in the worst of times.  So, Rejoice in the Lord! As John Newton’s famous hymn puts it; I once was lost, but now I am found.  We were all lost, but He found us.  His Grace is truly Amazing.


…but now I am found. Therefore, Rejoice the Lord is at hand!