Should we be afraid of death, or the end of time? Saint Paul tells us that we know we should be ready for the end, but we shouldn’t be afraid that it will catch us off guard. We won’t be in the dark as long as we live in the Light of the Lord. Therefore, we should try every day to devote our lives to developing the talents we have been given and fulfilling our responsibilities in our families and in society. Saint Pope John XXIII had a motto for every day of his life: Now, I begin. Every day is an opportunity to begin afresh the work Our Lord asks of us. We need the determination to live each day as the first day and greatest day of our lives. Every day we can begin again, every day we can find new ways to live in, and share with others, the Light of the Lord. Let us ask the Lord for the grace to serve Him and each other with generosity and love. For today, as everyday, we can begin afresh to love and to serve.

as the first day and greatest day of our lives!