Today’s parable of the labourers in the vineyard, shows us how much more gracious God is, than we are!  We can see things as being unfair or unjust simply because our ways are not God’s ways.  What the Lord sees, for example, in the late conversion of someone who had been far from Him, is the response to a graced moment.   Such a moment causes us to stop and rethink how we live the Gospel in the situations in which we find ourselves.  This can happen at the birth of a child in a family, or equally at the death of a loved one. Such a moment can come when we feel the need to change our lifestyle.  The Lord is concerned that we respond to His call to grace.  There is mercy, compassion and forgiveness for the past.  What matters to the Lord is the present and future.  The owner goes back to the marketplace to hire more workers because there is still work to be done in his vineyard, even if the sun is just about to set.  Today the Church offers us a simple message:  Trust in God; His love is far greater even than our deepest hope.

… Thou mine Inheritance, now and always!