The readings this week speak of how should be open to help those who are destroying themselves and hurting the community through their way of living, to do so must first acknowledge and deal with our own failings and weaknesses.  Accountability is the word, as members of the Church we are accountable to God and to one another.  It is too easy to miss this second point.  We know we are accountable to God, but we don’t always consider our accountability to each other.  We forget that God is present in the community.  The Church is the Body of Christ.  When we sin, we are sinning against the Body of Christ.  If we hurt another person, we are offending Christ’s presence in that other person as well as offending the entire Church.  If we claim we are Christian, we have a responsibility to behave in a Christian way.  Therefore, we are accountable to each other, and to all others in the Church.  We need each other, and we need Jesus; we have each other and we have Jesus.  We are the Body of Christ. We are the Church; Christ is our head and in His Name we work together for the establishment of His kingdom, a kingdom built on and guided by love.

 …”Love one another, I have loved you” Love, only love, is His law!