It takes wisdom for us to really understand how to deal with the past and the present. Some people idealise the past and want to return to life as it was, while others want to reject the past and concentrate solely on a new and cutting-edge lifestyle.  We need wisdom to discern what to bring with us from the past and what to leave behind.  We can all look at our lives and see both positive and negative aspects of who we are.  We must stop persecuting ourselves by dwelling on the negative events of our past and instead seek God’s help and healing to free us and let us move on.  We should positively recognise the gifts we have and strive to develop them and use our talents to prepare for a better future. Solomon prayed for wisdom.  Wisdom is essential to combat the challenges of life. It takes wisdom to make a good person. It takes wisdom to discern what needs to be brought into the present and what needs to be left in the past. Where do we get this wisdom? From the same place that Solomon received his – in prayer!

…brings out from the storeroom things both new and old!