19 July 2020 : Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time A  :
Divine Office Week 1


We are now able to celebrate the Mass in our churches and the weekly pattern will be as follows:

Saturday vigil Caton 6:00 pm With small congregation
Sunday Kirkby Lonsdale 9:00 pm With small congregation
Sunday Hornby and Zoom 11:00 am With congregation in the garden
Monday Hornby and Zoom 9:00 am With small congregation
Tuesday Caton 6:00 pm With small congregation
Wednesday Kirkby Lonsdale 6:30 pm With small congregation
Thursday Zoom only 9:00 am No congregation
Friday Hornby and Zoom 9:00 am With small congregation
Saturday Zoom only 9:00 am No congregation


We are severely restricting numbers in the church buildings, to ensure social distancing, and everyone will be required to sanitise their hands on entry and to keep the nose and mouth covered whilst in the building. We will also take a contact number for all attendees. These details will be destroyed after 21 days according to data management regulations.

The Bishops of England and Wales have confirmed that the obligation for Catholics to attend Mass every Sunday (or Saturday evening) is still suspended due to the extraordinary risk to health that we are experiencing. In short they have said: you do not need to go to Mass on Sunday; if there is little room in the church or you feel at risk among crowds then remain home and set aside some time for prayer. Alternatively you may choose to attend Mass during the week when there are fewer people. Accessing Mass through electronic means is also encouraged for those who are able; again, it is not compulsory. As we reflect on this situation we recognise that our relationship with God is not defined nor delineated by rules or obligations. We want to thank God for His gifts, ask for His mercy and His assistance in our needs, and be in deep communion with God and His people. We cannot at the moment satisfy these deep desires by gathering in churches as we have before. In the meantime we use our imagination and initiative to come close to God in our hearts, in our homes and in our families. Be assured: our Good God is always with us wherever we may be.

Mass Intentions

If you want Mass said for a particular intention, then email it and we’ll publish the intentions in the calendar.

Your Prayers are asked for:

Lately dead:

Cynthia McPherson

Those Whose Anniversaries are at this time:

Katie Jones, Mary Miller and George Metcalfe.

Thanks to Betty and Sue for keeping the anniversary books and letting us know each week.

The Sick of the Parishes:

Brian Byrne, Sarah Adam, Veronica Law, Dennis Brown, Graham Jubb, Paul Shuttleworth, Keith and Alexa Wightman, Sarah Mason, Cynthia McPherson, Kevin Casey, Esther Castle, Chris Broadhurst, Joan Randall, Hazel Waring, Eric and Nina Ireland, Frances McKenzie, Sandie Hardy, Elizabeth Ackerley, Pepe Casanova, Karen Parkinson, Margaret Aspin, Bruce Kay, Colette Calveley, Lucy Ball, Maggie Trimble, Pauline O’Toole, Roberta Whiteside, Alan White.


the repose of the soul of Cynthia McPherson who died on Friday 17 July. Pray also for Donald, her husband, and Alex her daughter and all the family.

Virtual Lourdes Pilgrimage

This will begin next Friday, 23rd July, and goes on for a week. There’s no cost, no travel: you are encouraged to access this programme, which will replicate our annual diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes, from the comfort of home.

Here’s the programme for the week:Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Itinerary 2020 copy[1433]

All you need to do is access this web site at the appropriate time www.lancasterlourdes.co.uk and then click on the link to facebook. You don’t need a Facebook account to join in.


God bless, stay safe, stay well.