Today we hear Jesus’ Parable of the Sower.  God gives seeds to us, seeds that will produce a great crop and these seeds are found in His Word, in the Scriptures.  The Lord asks us to do something with these seeds, to nurture and grow them.  It is not enough just to hear the Word of God; we have to let it grow within us and so bring forth a good harvest for living lives of faith.  It is not enough just to go to Church – we must take our faith out into the world with us.  It is not enough to read the Bible – we must become People of His Word.  The Divine Sower is constantly scattering opportunities – in handfuls – into our daily lives.  Then He pours His grace upon us that those seeds take root and grow.  We need to be fertile soil for this growth to happen and to become that soil we must feed our souls with prayer asking the Lord to bless us with His grace and so let us appreciate the potential of the opportunities He entrusts to us.  With His grace comes the courage and the nourished faith to produce good fruit from all He so generously gives us.

… Now let the dew of heaven descend and righteous fruit abound!