7 June 2020 : Trinity Sunday : Divine Office Week 4


Please join us for daily Mass at 9:00 am via Zoom., or at 11:00 on a Sunday.

Mass Intentions

If you want Mass said for a particular intention, then email it and we’ll publish the intentions in the calendar.

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Your Prayers are asked for:

Lately dead:


Those Whose Anniversaries are at this time:

John Catterall, David Skinner, Mary Rogers, Eileen Mary Abbott, Herbert Dugdale, Robert Murray, Marie Burke, George Quinn, Agnes Carey, David Hunter, Daniel Broadbent, Johnny Gerrard, Gerald Rutlidge and June Jeffries.

Thanks to Betty and Sue for keeping the anniversary books and letting us know each week.

The Sick of the Parishes:

Brian Byrne, Sarah Adam, Veronica Law, Dennis Brown, Graham Jubb, Paul Shuttleworth, Keith and Alexa Wightman, Sarah Mason, Cynthia McPherson, Kevin Casey, Esther Castle, Chris Broadhurst, Joan Randall, Hazel Waring, Eric and Nina Ireland, Frances McKenzie, Sandie Hardy, Elizabeth Ackerley, Pepe Casanova, Karen Parkinson, Margaret Aspin, Bruce Kay, Colette Calveley, Lucy Ball, Maggie Trimble, Pauline O’Toole, Roberta Whiteside, Alan White.

Too much Excitement

Sorry I’m posting this late – on Sunday night, not Saturday morning.  There’s been just too much excitement this week what with Fr Darren going (have you checked out his “card?”) and Fr Luiz returning

The Eagle has Landed!

Welcome home, Father Luiz!  Father arrived back in Hornby on Friday and celebrated Mass for more than 80 people this Sunday morning via Zoom.  It’s lovely to have you back, Father, and it was great to see everyone this morning.

Mass this morning didn’t come, as usual, from Hornby Church, but from Fr Luiz’s office in the presbytery because we couldn’t make the internet work properly in Church.  We hope to improve that facility this week so that we can continue celebrating Mass for everyone who can’t get to church because of shielding or immobility, even when we can physically gather again in the building,

Practice Zoom Session

If you’ve still to get the hang of Zoom, then join me on Wednesday at 5 pm to have a play with it.  I’ll open up the Zoom space so that you can take your time, chat with others who are maybe struggling, or some who actually know what they’re doing, and experiment with different stuff you can do. I’m hopeless with iPads, but somebody kind who can drive one will be there.

I’ve put the link to it in the calendar.

If you try and can’t get in, then send me an email and I’ll give you my phone number (I’m not going to publish it on here) so you can call me and we’ll get you in.  Please note: if there’s nothing scheduled in the calendar, then the likelihood is that the Zoom meeting space won’t be open, and you’ll not be able to get in.

Parish Finances

None of us can physically attend our churches at the moment, so your offertory envelopes can’t be collected.  You may want to think about supporting our parishes at this time by setting up a standing order or occasional payment through your bank, as we and the Diocese still have expenses to meet.

To set up a standing order for regular payments, please download and print the appropriate form, complete it and send it to your bank.

Download St Joseph’s Standing Order Download St Mary’s Standing Order

If you bank online, and wish to make an occasional or regular payment, then please use the parish bank details from one of those pdfs.

Very many thanks, Betty Byrne.


God bless, stay home, stay well.