The second chapter of the First Letter of St Peter contains some of the most reassuring verses in Scripture.  We are called living cornerstones of the Church built into a holy priesthood.  We are called a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a consecrated nation, a people the Lord claims as His own to proclaim the glorious works of Jesus, the One who leads us from darkness into light. We are called precious in the eyes of the Lord.  We are invaluable, cherished, highly esteemed:  we are loved. Therefore we have to treat ourselves and each other with the respect a child of God deserves.  We need sufficient self respect to avoid degrading ourselves by giving in to what many say is acceptable in today’s world; while we know it is not acceptable in any day.  We have to stand tall with the Lord.  For we are the Church, we are the royal priesthood; we are the people whom God has chosen to bring light to all who live in darkness.  May the choices we make in life reflect the dignity we have been given by the Lord of life.

           … because He sees His Son at work in us!