It was easy for the disciples to believe in the Lord when they felt the magnetism of His words, when they witnessed His healings, when they saw His miracles.  But it was much harder for them to believe after He had been taken away to be killed.  It was harder for them to believe when they realised that they also could be killed for having been His followers.  Thomas doubted the Resurrection because he had suffered the crisis of the crucifixion.  His faith in God waned.  Like the other specially chosen disciples, Thomas ran and hid.  He was not to be found on Golgotha.  He was too afraid to remember the promises of the Lord.   But his faith was restored when he saw the risen Lord. Jesus told Thomas about a greater faith, a faith that He has invite us to share.  The Lord looked at Thomas and then looked down the ages at us and said, Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe.  We pray today that we might all have a deeper, sustaining faith, a faith that will enable us to grow even through the distress of these difficult days.

           …but can plainly call Thee, Lord and God as he!