There was nothing comforting about the place they put Lazarus after he died; it was a tomb.  But he heard Jesus’ voice calling him out of the tomb.  Lazarus left the tomb; he didn’t belong among the dead.  Jesus calls us out of the tombs in which we can sometimes lock ourselves.  We don’t belong locked up with the dead.  We live in the Holy Spirit, as St Paul tells the Romans.  Our sinful actions can kill us.  Our bodies can be destroyed by sin, but our spirit, our sharing in His Spirit, gives us life; gives us His Life.  Our tomb could be self-doubt; the place where we question our right to be among people who seem to be so much better than us, better wives, better husbands, better Catholics, just all around better people.  Or, our tomb mighty be the place in which we refuse to forgive those who have hurt us.  Whatever our tomb, Jesus calls us to leave it and embrace His life.  He is more powerful than anything holding us back, including our sins.  He is more powerful than the forces that are trying to destroy us.

           …so leave your tomb and enter into the life and joy that Jesus offers everyone!