Today’s gospel begins with the disciples marvelling at the glory of the Temple; it must have been truly wonderful to see.  It had taken fifty years for Herod to rebuild the Temple.  Solomon’s original Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 588 BC, when the Israelite returned to Jerusalem in  around 528 the people first had to rebuilding their homes, it took about fifteen years for them to begin building a new Temple.  In 26 B.C. Herod decided to restore the Temple to the Glory of Solomon’s Day.  The work on the Temple had just been completed when Jesus’ disciples looked on amazed at the precious stones and votive offerings.   In response to their wonder Jesus said to them it really doesn’t matter, it’s all going to come to a ruin anyway.  The voice of the Lord rings out: But before all this happens… that will be your opportunity to bear witness.  Jesus challenges us to stand up for Him, His kingdom and the Christian way of life in a self-centred world: Your endurance will win you your lives. We are, each of us, Temples of the God’s Holy Spirit and as such we bear witness to Him in our daily lives. Let us pray for the grace to endure any trials that are essential to our witness of Jesus Christ.

…your liberation is near at hand!