Both books of the Maccabees teach us that eternal life belongs to those who have lived for the Lord and of the necessity to pray for the dead.  We are all imperfect and need healing from the results of our sins, even if those sins are forgiven.  The wounds of sin do not just go away because the sin is forgiven.  In life we ask the Lord’s healing and when our lives have ended we will depend on the prayers of those still living to continue to ask God to heal the wounds we have inflicted on others and ourselves as a result of our sin; in other words there needs to be healing for the consequences. of our sins. November is the month of the Holy Souls.  We do them a disservice by presuming, no matter what their lives may have been like, they must be in heaven.  It is a disservice because they need our prayers and need us to keep the memory of their goodness alive and before the Lord.  The Books of the Maccabees tell us that it’s a good thing to pray for the dead, this we do especially this month.  Let us pray that they be healed and be admitted into the perpetual, healing and eternal light of the Lord.

May they rest in peace!