The Amalekites challenged the Hebrews to a decisive battle.  Moses watched from a distance.  His brother Aaron and his companion, Hur, stayed with Moses.  As long as Moses arms were raised holding his staff – the power of God – the Israelites were winning; when his arms came down, the Amalekites were winning.  The position of his raised up arms is an ancient one of prayer.  As Moses remained united to God in prayer, God’s power prevailed.  He couldn’t do it alone; he needed the support of others; even with help, it took all Moses had to persevere.  The gospel also, humorously, demonstrates perseverance in prayer.  Nobody could tell the unjust judge what to do until he meets this widow, she wouldn’t give it a rest!  She knew she was right; she wanted justice.  She badgered him night and day.  The widow kept pestering the judge for a just decision. Moses kept his arms raised in prayer until the Israelites won.   Jesus says the most important thing about prayer is to pray continually. So let us keep raising our arms to God in prayer, and keep pestering God. He always listens and always loves us.

 …Keep trying, don’t give up