St Luke’s gospel is a gospel of compassion – the lowly being raised up.  Today we are challenged by the parable of Dives and Lazarus.  St Luke is not defaming those who have worked hard for their position in life, but rather challenging everyone to recognise the responsibilities their position in life demands.  The Rich Man, now in hell, lifts his eyes and for the first time sees Lazarus as a person.  Perhaps he’d noticed Lazarus in stinky, dirty clothes begging, as he opened his front door to welcome his dinner guest.  He may have called the police to complain about the vagrant at his door.  All he saw was a hungry man; and he didn’t even give him the scraps from his table.  He’d never seen Lazarus because his possessions had blinded him to those around him.  The first time he saw Lazarus it was too late.  What do I do?  Do my eyes look away if I meet someone who might be in need?  Do I make rash judgments?  Am I more concerned with what I have done and what they failed to do?  Jesus calls us to see by having faith in Him not in our possessions or status.  Today we ask Him to open our eyes.

…and See!