What makes someone successful?  The swindlers of the first reading and those in society today, who make money by any possible means, have bought into the lie that success means worth.  Others say that a person’s intelligence and skills should allow them to make as much money as possible. How do we, as followers of Jesus, measure success?  Our success can only be measured in the strength of our relationship with Jesus. We were created by God for God; created to serve Him here and be with Him forever.  We are successful if we have done all we can to allow our relationship with God to influence our lives.  This union demands that we care for the poor, the elderly, the vulnerable.   Are we successful in life?  Are we closer to God now than ten years ago?  Are we responding to the ways that He is using us in our vocations?   Can others see Christ in the way we treat the members of our family, our friends, our colleagues?  Do we respond to His challenge to care for the poor, the afflicted, the vulnerable?  The degree that we allow God to work through us, is our measure of success.

 …and misses nothing!