Today’s Gospel is about joy: a lost sheep is found, a lost coin is found and a lost son is found.  In all three cases, the sheep, coin or son could have been written off.  After all, the shepherd had 99 other sheep, the woman had nine other coins, and the father had another son!  He could have washed his hands of the son who had treated him so badly and offended everything the father stood for.  He could have decided that he just needed to be happy with the son who was faithful to him.  He couldn’t and he wouldn’t.  People who care, don’t write other people off, rather they focus on them.  God does not give up on us; He calls us by name, seeking us out individually.  He never gives up on those who have been far from the faith or from morality.  He calls us all into the joy of His Presence, the Joy of the Banquet of the Lord.  The return of those who have had been away is a time for celebration.  The cause of their leaving no longer matters.  They have returned.  The family is back together.  Therefore we need to celebrate.

   …is now found, alleluia!