Jesus speaks about the sin of presumption in today’s Gospel.  Some people are not willing to make any sacrifices for the Kingdom of God, in spite of the opportunities offered to them throughout their lives. They stubbornly ignore the call to follow Christ by the narrow door, and instead choose the wide door, the door – the everybody is doing it so it’s OK – the crowd prefers.  When they knock on the door of the Master’s House, it’s too late.  The door has been shut, their earthly lives are over.  They demand entrance into Heaven presuming they are entitled to a warm welcome into God’s eternal Presence.  But they have presumed His Mercy would be there for them without them ever having lifted a finger to serve Him.  Instead they hear the Master saying, Away from me you wicked men.  We cannot presume we will have a heavenly reward.   We cannot presume that we are entitled to eternal glory without committing ourselves to Him here and now.  Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, live His Life, trust in His mercy and follow Him wherever He leads us.

do not get discouraged when He reprimands you!