Abraham is seen as the Father of Faith because of all the figures of Hebrew Scriptures he gives the greatest example of what faith truly is.  He was promised that his descendants would be as numerous as the sands of the seashore or stars of the sky. He had faith that God would be true to His promise, even when He demanded the extraordinary test of Abraham’s faith: the sacrifice Isaac, his son. With faith, he prepared to do as God asked him.   Faith means stepping into the unknown and trusting in God.  It asks for a way of thinking that is completely opposite to the expectations of people of today.  Faith says that we cannot find the answers ourselves, we have to trust in God and He will find ways for us to confront and conquer life’s challenges.  It is easy to take the way of least resistance in every aspect of our lives.  We can easily reject having the deep faith that Abraham offers, but then we would be denying who we really are; the People of God. Today we pray for a deepening of our faith.

… and the conviction of things not seen!