Today’s readings ask us to consider our priorities in life.  We work hard for those we love; to provide for them.  We want – both for them and for ourselves – a decent home, food, etc. to allow us care for one another.  We want to provide for our children’s futures and our own.  We seek lasting goals that will provide a home filled with love; a place reflecting the sacrificial love of the Lord.  Growing in the love of the Lord has to be a lasting goal: along with the desire to express that love in the way we live our lives in mutual love and respect.  It is too easy for us to forget our priorities in life and so  put our energies into seeking those things that are not lasting goals.  As Christians our lives are entwined with the person of Jesus; He is in us.  Being at one with Him is our fulfilment; that fulfilment is the goal of our Christian life.  We achieve fulfilment when every aspect of life reflects the person of Jesus Christ in what we say and do.  Jesus’ love for us makes this fulfilment achievable.  Let us live in His grace.

…reflects Jesus’ love for us!