We are like fig trees – we too need to be fruitful in life!  The ancient Christians believed that every Mass was a fruitful victory for the Kingdom of God.  The early martyrs were seen not as victims but as victors defeating evil in their witness to Jesus, who is love.  In a different way that battle is ours today; our battlefield is daily life.  We may have to battle at home as we try to prevent our lifestyles becoming unbalanced because of greed and selfishness; or our battlefield may be the place where we work; as we try to live and work as honest and faithful Christian people.  It may even be that our battlefield is society; where we have to fight to help others see that we should be treating everyone justly and ensuring we give special care and protection to the poorest and the most needy of our brothers and sisters.  Jesus reminds us, we still have time.  It is not too late.  The fig tree has been given another year.  There is time for us to effect victory for the Kingdom of God; time for us to bear eternal fruit.

   and bear fruit.