Isaiah, Paul and Peter were all chosen by God; they all regret their weaknesses because they felt they caused them to be too sinful to fulfil God’s mission.  God makes up for what is lacking.  Isaiah asks how can he, a man with unclean lips living among people of unclean lips, proclaim the Lord.  Paul, called even though he had persecuted the Church, by God’s grace became an apostle.  Peter, an uneducated and stubborn fisherman who lacked courage, became the first among the apostles.  We can feel as they did: I’m not up to it, I just can’t do it.  We can feel deserted by God, but we never are; He is always closest to us, and especially so when we need Him the most.  The miracle here is that He loves each of us as if we were His only child.  The angel took a charcoal from the fire and purified Isaiah’s lips; it must have hurt!  Perhaps it does hurt to let God take control of our lives, but it is a good hurt.  The gift of ourselves is small compared to Jesus’ gift on the cross, but it is a worthy gift and necessary for building up the Kingdom of God.  

…I can, with God’s help!