Baptism is God’s call to us.  He calls us by name and loves us. A danger in modern society is depersonalisation.  To Him, each of us, is His beloved and unique child, a unique reflection of His own image and likeness.  We are all created to have a particular role in the living Body of Christ on earth.  St Paul teaches us that we all have a necessary part to play in that Body; no two of us are alike, no two the same.  In the Body of Christ every person needs to fulfil his or her role so that God’s plan can triumph over the powers of evil.  Each person has great worth and dignity.  In one Spirit we were baptised into one Body.  This Body is a single entity made of many precious parts.  We are Christ’s Body and, individual parts of it.  Let us pray for the courage to embrace every moment of our lives as unique members of the Body; the Body that gives each of us real meaning for our existence.

… you are Mine!