Three mysteries mark the Epiphany.  We have already celebrated two of them: the Magi’s visit and Jesus’ Baptism. Today we celebrate the third – the water being changed into wine at Cana.  When told there was no wine Jesus says; what’s that got to do with me – “My Hour has not yet come.”  But Jesus does provide wine and in a miraculous way; in so doing He opens up the way that leads to His passion, death and resurrection – ‘His Hour.’  ‘His Hour’ begins with this epiphany, when water is changed into wine.  Soon He will transform wine into His blood.  The water, which Jesus changed into wine, was set aside for purification rites; this change foreshadows the wine that will become the new purification rite – the Eucharistic Blood of the Lord.  The miracle of Cana completes the Epiphany.  The Saviour of the World has come.  Just as He transformed water into wine, and wine into blood, so now He is transforming our world into the Kingdom of God.  We have been given the grace to be members of that Kingdom, and the responsibility of sharing the Good News of God, the Gospel, with the world today.

… Do whatever He tells you.