What can I bring Him, poor as I am?

Christmas is not just for children! It’s for us all. Christmas is about our salvation made manifest in the birth of Jesus. He came to bring light into a darkened world, to bring hope to those who have none, to bring peace to those in turmoil.  All these things our world, our families and, yes, each of us, longs for every day.  In coming to the new-born Christ quietly and prayerfully we are able to offer Him our very selves, our loved ones and our world.  In so doing we ask Him to make our own the transforming gifts He brings us.  His gifts to us, which we all certainly need to face the challenges of daily life, we encounter, experience and receive at Mass.  Why not, during the Christmas season, invite a family members or a friend who may not have been for some time, to come with you to Mass.  Then together we can bring our hearts to the Christ-child and He will receive, renew and fill them with His gifts.  At Mass, as a spiritual family, we come to understand more deeply what the real meaning of Christmas is.

…bring my heart!