Elizabeth was part of the Temple tradition.  The Jews knew God could not be limited to one place, but needed somewhere to honour Him, that place was the Temple.  There, was the dwelling-place of the presence of the One whom the universe could not contain.  Elizabeth became like the Temple; containing the one who would point out the Lord to the world.  Within her John, the last of the prophets became the first Christian prophet pointing to the one he would call the Lamb of God.  He brought to a conclusion the Temple Tradition, the tradition of reminding the people that God is among them.  For now, everyone, not just the high priests like Zechariah, could experience the presence of God.  The Temple is no longer needed to point to the Lord as He is among us.  Our homes, our families, our parish, our lives have been transformed into the new Temples of the Lord.  We must keep then sacred and holy, for they are dwelling places of the Lord.  The Lord is not just among us, He is within us just as He was within Mary on that beautiful day when Elizabeth met her cousin.                                  

…at the presence of Jesus within Mary.